Stocks which Triggered: Down 1 ATR Intraday Alert

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Stocks which fell at least one Average True Range during the trading session. *** Filtered by your default parameters: Minimum Price: 0.05, Maximum Price: 999999.0, Minimum Volume: 100000
*** Changes to the filters below will only be applied for Gold or Platinum Plan subscribers ***

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Stock Grade % Change Processed At
AMA C -5.75
EQR B -7.69
MOH D -6.56
GMD A -8.70
HCH B -6.29
HMX B -5.26
KLL F -8.00
AST B -0.80
NVX C -7.52
PPC A -1.78
EVO C 1.27
DEX F -8.82
MRR A -11.29
KMD D -2.77
NXT F -2.15
AMI A -4.71
AR9 B 0.00
MDC F -10.71
RSG F -4.76
WGX A -2.22

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