New Scan: RSI Crossover

I recently added a new scan which find stocks with RSI (14) crossing above or below a specified level.  For example, stocks with RSI crossing below 70 or crossing above 50.

That scan is located in the "Relative Strength" scans category which can be reached via the Research menu -> End of Day Scans -> Scans By Type

rsi_cross_scan.png 131.14 KB

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State of the SwingTradeBot Mobile Apps

Earlier today someone asked me: "you ever thinking of updating your android app?".  Here's the TL;DR answer:
No, the mobile apps have been abandoned. They'll work as is for as long as Google and Apple will keep them in their app stores and the device operating systems are compatible.

There's really no reason to use the apps, aside from push alerts.  And I'm planning on adding push alerts to the website now that Apple has finally allowed them on Progressive Web Apps

A little more context around my answer:

  • From day 1 I built the app to work on mobile devices.  Despite people asking, I saw no reason to create a separate mobile app until I added intraday alerts in March of 2018. That sole feature is what pushed me to build mobile apps so that I could send push notifications for the intraday alerts.
  • One huge downside to having mobile apps is having multiple codebases, which is a MAJOR time sink. Why should I rewrite the same functionality 2 or 3 times when I could just write it once (for the website)? Not to mention subjecting myself to all the App Store shenanigans.* (see below)
  • Another reason I decided to make apps was that I found a system that would allow me to write that mobile app once and then generate separate Android & iOS apps.  So I'd *only* have two codebases to maintain instead of three.
  • The website has a lot more functionality than the apps. It was never part of my plan to recreate everything inside of the mobile apps.  The apps were just an extension of the site.  
  • I haven't updated the iOS mobile app in years (since December 2019) because Apple has restricted me from doing so! I Their app store rules are an ever-moving target and I refused to do what they wanted.  I could write a book about Apple's ridiculous App Store rules... (see below)
  • As a user I like mobile apps, as a developer I'm much less of a fan* (see below) 
  • In the coming weeks I will be rolling out a Progressive Web App (PWA) as a replacement to the current mobile apps.  That will allow people to "install" SwingTradeBot on their mobile device with no app store in the middle.  Then people can opt in to receiving push notifications.   
  • The current apps will continue to work until Apple/Google removes them or makes an operating system change which makes them stop working.

I think that a PWA is a good middle ground.  The site will still be able to send push notifications and I will be able to focus on maintaining & adding features to a single codebase.  I would have gone the PWA route initially except that for over a decade Apple refused to allow PWAs to receive push notifications.  They've recently allowed push notifications -- most likely caving to pressure from anti-trust cases.


* The current app store ecosystems -- especially with respect to Apple -- are essentially traps for developers (and users). Developers have to give way too much control to Apple (and less so to Google). You can't even send out a simple bug fix without going through their review process. And you never know how long the review will take or if it will be rejected for who knows why. For example, the last bug fix I submitted had nothing to do with subscriptions and my subscription code hadn't changed since the app launched. But the reviewer noticed that Apple's subscription rules had changed & therefore refused to let me release the bug fix until I totally rewrote my subscription code to include Apple's subscription system (which would give Apple a 30% cut of any subscriptions via their system).

In fact, the first time (in March 2018) I submitted the app Apple rejected it solely because I had a link to my site's subscription page.  I had to put in some code that removed the link from the "subscribe here" text for iOS in order to get the app accepted. At that time & for the next 21 months Apple was fine with me having subscriptions via my website as long as I didn't link to my subscription page (which is straight up BS!).  By December of 2019 their rules had changed to "if you provide subscriptions anywhere, you must also offer subscriptions via Apple's subscription system".  For me that was a bridge too far for a couple of reasons:

  1. I'd already bastardized my subscription code to allow for PayPal subscriptions.  What started as a nice, clean Stripe-based subscription system became more complicated by adding PayPal.  Now Apple wanted me to add a third option and Google was threatening the same thing.  So I'd have had to offer, manage & support 4 different subscription systems. That's a lot of unnecessary complexity & overhead. 
  2. Apple wanted 30%(!!!) of the revenue for providing the same service that I pay ~3% to Stripe & PayPal.  

Another knock against app stores is that they have terrible discoverability, which then entices developers to pay Apple to advertise their apps within the store. So to be in the Apple App Store a developer has to:
  • Pay $99/year to be in the developer program
  • Give Apple a 15 to 30% cut of revenue
  • (optionally) Pay Apple for promotion so people can actually find your app

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Several New Scan Filters

I just added several new scan filters, so you can now get even more specific with the type of stocks you're scanning for.  The new filters are:

  • Closing Price vs. Previous Day's High or Low
  • Volume vs. Previous Day (greater than or less than)
  • Closing Price vs. 10-Day Moving Average (above or below)
  • Closing Price vs. 20-Day Moving Average (above or below)
  • Closing Price vs. 50-Day Moving Average (above or below)
  • Closing Price vs. 200-Day Moving Average (above or below)
You'll find them by clicking the "Reveal More Scan Criteria" button on each scan's search form.  Here's a screenshot:

New Scan Filters

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SwingTradeBot now has Comments / A Discussion Forum

I am excited to announce the launch of SwingTradeBot's comments / discussion forum! The forum can be reached via the navigation menu at the top of the page. You'll also see some of the forum's comment threads spread throughout the site. Specifically, there are comments in the following places:

  • Individual stock pages
  • End-of Day Scan result pages
  • Intraday Alert pages

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Sync Your Fidelity Portfolio with SwingTradeBot

Good news for those of you who have Fidelity brokerage accounts -- you can now sync your Fidelity portfolios to SwingTradeBot . Here's the current list of supported brokerages:

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Brokerage Portfolio Syncing is Back!

Those of you who've been using SwingTradeBot for a few years may remember when I last announced portfolio syncing in 2018.  Unfortunately the service I was using went out of business in 2020 and so the portfolio syncing stopped working.  I was very disappointed when that service went away because the automatic syncing was a great way to stay up-to-date with SwingTradeBot's analysis on your current holdings.

Well I'm glad to announce that portfolio syncing is now back!  This time it's powered by SnapTrade / Passiv.  Unlike the previous service provider, this one actually has a business model -- they're charging actual money for their services. :-)  (And they're backed by Y Combinator) That means two things:

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Scanning for Back-to-Back Signals

A few weeks ago I added a new type of scan which I've called "Back-to-Back". It enables you to find stocks which have made certain signals on up to 3 consecutive days. For example, you can scan for stocks which fell below their 50-day moving average on one day and climbed back above the 50 DMA on the next day.

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New Features & Site Updates

Here’s a quick rundown of some new things on SwingTadeBot


  • Unlimited number of Watchlists & Portfolios for Platinum Plan subscribers
  • Ability to copy intraday alerts configuration from one watchlist or portfolio to another
  • In case the nightly email digest doesn’t reach your inbox for some reason, you can now view the nightly email digest on the site
  • You’ll now see intraday percent change (except for OTCBB) in more places, like the tag, ETF holdings & intraday alerts pages
  • Related ETFs for tags
  • Recent News on Tag, Industry & ETF holdings pages
  • Enhanced ETF Holdings pages
  • ETF Comparisons
  • A ton of behind the scenes things to improve performance and keep the data flowing smoothly.

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Adventures in Trading GME

By now everybody knows of the shenanigans taking place with GME and several other stocks.  I thought I’d document some of my process in profiting from its parabolic rise (and subsequent fall).  As you may know, I created a Parabolic Rise stock scan to find situations just like this. 

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Year-End: Perfect Time to Evaluate your Process

There's a video by David Keller, which I linked in the featured links section, titled: "Re-Evaluating Your Process". It really resonated with me that 3 of his questions were about routines. I certainly recognize the importance of having good routines and sticking to them, which is why I created the routines section of SwingTradeBot. (Here's my original blog post about the routines functionality.)

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