You Can Now Sync Schwab, E-Trade and Vanguard Portfolios!

Good news from SnapTrade, the company which provides SwingTradeBot's portfolio syncing capability.  They've now added support for Schwab, E-Trade and Vanguard Portfolios!  So if you have an account with one of those brokerages just follow the syncing instructions to get your portfolios syncing to SwingTradeBot.

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Interactive Brokers Portfolio Syncing No Longer Supported

I'm sorry to report that SwingTradeBot will no longer be able to sync portfolios with Interactive Brokers.  SnapTrade, my brokerage syncing provider sent me this a few days ago:

There have been some recent developments with Interactive Brokers that affect our ability to continuing servicing IBKR accounts over the SnapTrade API.

Interactive Brokers has made it clear that they have no interest in working with SnapTrade or any other 3rd party API aggregators to facilitate connections to their trading API. Even for partners who have their own IBKR keys, they have asked us not to intermediate the connection. Their suggested path forward is:

1) All apps get their own IBKR keys subject to a compliance review, and
2) All apps build their own direct integrations with IBKR's trading API.

This is a disappointing outcome for us that we believe is not in the best interest of IBKR customers, but at the end of the day IBKR is in complete control of who connects to their trading API. In response to IBKR's request, we have disabled all IBKR connectivity for all SnapTrade partners...
I especially hate this because my active trading account is at IBKR.  I'm starting to regret bringing back the syncing functionality.  So few brokerages are supported that I think it's more trouble than it's worth. -sigh-

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Why SwingTradeBot's ADX Values May Differ from Those of Some other Financial Sites

An exploration of how SwingTradeBot calculates its ADX indicator.

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Trade School: Exploring the Impact of the Bearish Engulfing Pattern

Here's another really good video from Dr. Duru. In addition to doing an insightful technical analysis review he also shows how he uses the following SwingTradeBot features:

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Managing Your Watchlists

Duru has posted another video, this time showing how he cleans up (manages) his SwingTradeBot Watchlists.

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Video: Technical Analysis with SwingTradeBot

Over the weekend my good friend Duru posted a video (on his "Dr. Duru Diagnoses Markets" YouTube channel) of his stock screening process using SwingTradeBot.  I think it will be helpful to those new to the site and/or new to technical analysis.

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New Scan: RSI Crossover

I recently added a new scan which find stocks with RSI (14) crossing above or below a specified level.  For example, stocks with RSI crossing below 70 or crossing above 50.

That scan is located in the "Relative Strength" scans category which can be reached via the Research menu -> End of Day Scans -> Scans By Type

rsi_cross_scan.png 131.14 KB

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State of the SwingTradeBot Mobile Apps

>Earlier today someone asked me: "you ever thinking of updating your android app?".  Here's the TL;DR answer:

No, the mobile apps have been abandoned. They'll work as is for as long as Google and Apple will keep them in their app stores and the device operating systems are compatible.

There's really no reason to use the apps, aside from push alerts.  And I'm planning on adding push alerts to the website now that Apple has finally allowed them on Progressive Web Apps

A little more context around my answer:

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Several New Scan Filters

I just added several new scan filters, so you can now get even more specific with the type of stocks you're scanning for.  The new filters are:

  • Closing Price vs. Previous Day's High or Low
  • Volume vs. Previous Day (greater than or less than)
  • Closing Price vs. 10-Day Moving Average (above or below)
  • Closing Price vs. 20-Day Moving Average (above or below)
  • Closing Price vs. 50-Day Moving Average (above or below)
  • Closing Price vs. 200-Day Moving Average (above or below)
You'll find them by clicking the "Reveal More Scan Criteria" button on each scan's search form.  Here's a screenshot:

New Scan Filters

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SwingTradeBot now has Comments / A Discussion Forum

I am excited to announce the launch of SwingTradeBot's comments / discussion forum! The forum can be reached via the navigation menu at the top of the page. You'll also see some of the forum's comment threads spread throughout the site. Specifically, there are comments in the following places:

  • Individual stock pages
  • End-of Day Scan result pages
  • Intraday Alert pages

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