Today's Outage

March 26, 2024

I'm sorry about the outage earlier today.  My web server hosting provider (Render) had a major outage.  Within ten minutes I was inundated with hundreds of notifications from my error tracking service:

error_notifications.png 98.31 KB
In order to stop that barrage and prevent myself from exceeding that service's quota, I decided to kill the servers until the underlying issues were resolved.

Here are the updates Render provided during the outage:
Render_status_page.png 327.98 KB

Sometimes I'm amazed that "this internet thing" works as well as it does!  SwingTradeBot relies on probably a dozen different platforms, data providers & APIs in order to function.  And I'm sure many of them have their own upstream dependencies. It's like "turtles all the way down"

It's been about 18 months since I moved the site to the current provider and their reliability has been great.  They've had very few outages and those usually lasted less than 5 minutes.  Hopefully we won't see another one like this.  But rest assured if reliability becomes an issue I will move to another platform.