Introducing Routines: A Better Way to Bookmark / Save Scans

November 20, 2017

I've just released a new feature called "Routines".  Routines will allow you to organize your scanning & stock research workflow.  They are essentially to-do lists.  These lists can contain saved scans, URLs or plain text notes.   

Each item in a routine has a checkbox to indicate whether it's been completed.  You can simply click the boxes to toggle them between completed and incomplete. Each trading day, in the morning, the system will reset all of your items to incomplete.

Here are some situations in which these routines may be helpful:

  • Saving a Combo Scan
  • When you want to remember to run certain scans in certain market conditions.
  • When you want to remember to run a different set of scans on weekends.
  • To remember to run all of the scans you like.
  • A way to save the same scan with different parameters / settings.  (Be sure to name them so you can tell them apart.)

You'll see a new item in the "My Stocks" menu labeled "My Routines".  That will take you to the main routines page where you can add, delete, rename or add items to a routine.  

Clicking on one of the routine names will take you to a page where you can add items to that routine:

You can add a URL or a text note via the "Add Item" button.  If you want to add a Scan, you can do so from the scan's page.  There you'll see an "Add to Routine" button:

I hope you'll find the routines useful. I've added some sample routines to every account.  Feel free to modify them as you need to fit your workflow.   I'll be adding the routines to the Dashboard in the near future.